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Are Sandals Considered Shoes?

Sandals have been the footwear choice around the globe for millennia. From fun flip flops or thongs to Birkenstock hiking sandals and high-heel strappy platforms, humanity has shod its feet with these handy, inexpensive items. But are sandals truly considered shoes? You might be surprised at the answer.

What are Sandals, Really?

In general, when we think about sandals, we think about a flat sole strapped onto the foot. The sandal can be intricate with sophisticated lacing and materials, something more like womens comfort sandals with cushiony padding for the foot, or even a piece of cut rubber with twine. Sandals are very popular because they are inexpensive ways to protect the feet. In communities where resources are scarce, a pair of sandals can be a luxury. In fact, there are organizations like Flops for Flips and Soles4Soles that specifically collect shoes, flip flops, and sandals for impoverished communities. It’s no wonder that sandals are globally popular. Inexpensive, easy to manufacture, and versatile, the sandal both protects and makes a fashion statement.

Yet, some fashionistas will insist that sandals are not shoes by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, some will gawk at the use of sandals in the office, at night, or special events. The fashion police insist that there is a time and place for sandals. And there are some rules, like not wearing sandals to an interview or with a long evening gown, that make some sense. Yet, is this simply a narrow provincial view of footwear? Are sandals only for the beach and the summer?

Something to consider – there are many parts of the world that wearing sandals all day and all year is entirely acceptable. Think about coastal cities and beach towns where wearing swimwear, sandals, and sunscreen is just a way of life. In tropical or desert climates, wearing sandals is common. Sometimes the choice is fashionable, sometimes the choice is practical and economical. If everyone in your community is wearing sandals, then what is the big brouhaha?

Shoes and Sandals

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a “sandal” is considered “a shoe consisting of a sole strapped to the foot”. For those wanting an even more precise definition, Dictionary.com defines sandals as “a band or strap that fastens a low shoe or slipper on the foot by passing over the instep or around the ankle”. Sandals are a type of shoe, a very popular type of shoe. And they come in thousands of fun styles.

Versatile and Fun

Maybe sandals have gotten a bad rap from the uppity fashion world, but the truth is that they are a fun and versatile shoe style. Sandals are perfect for traveling the world, walking on the beach, or just lazying around at home. They come in inexpensive do-it-yourself varieties or bejeweled styles that cost thousands of dollars. You can wear sandals at a wedding, at school, at the office, or just for fun. Because they are relatively inexpensive, you can fill your closet with sandals for every occasion. Sandals are also a shoe type that is popular with the entire family. So enjoy wearing your sandals today.

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    How I intended is was not that sandals aren’t shoes to mean they are worse, but that they are a different type of footwear :).

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