Well it’s time to make it blog official. There is baby on board. We are beyond excited to announce our little family is growing coming in march. Thank you, guys, again for the incredible love and support on Instagram when I announced We are pregnant! This so far has literally been the absolute happiest time of life for Me & Amit and we’re so happy to share this news with you. This pregnancy announcement has definitely been the biggest secret of my life! It is hard to keep something a secret that you are soooo happy about!!

I know 30 weeks is a long time to wait. Needless to say, we feel extremely blessed. We feel like this baby is such an incredible gift! We still just can’t believe it. I remember when I got to know that we are pregnant that time we already planned our Washington DC trip and the trip was so hectic. I’ve definitely had a lot of time to soak this all in mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually. What’s my life going to look like in next 9 months? I’m learning now more than ever how to take a step back from our busy schedule and take care of myself. My life routine over the past few months has completely changed. I tried my best to keep content flowing while hiding this big secret. In case you’re wondering if I’m going to become a “mommy blogger,” the truth is not 100%. I’m just taking this journey one step at a time and want to continue life as I normally would. We’ve really been enjoying the past few months of life.

Highlights so far include hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, seeing moving around at our ultrasound appointments, feeling those first kicks! knowing we’re bringing this life into the world together has connected us in an entirely new way, and I’m just so grateful to get to do this with the absolute love of my life! Baby will join our world Next year March. My due date is expected to be March 1, 2019 so please keep us in your prayers for a smooth, healthy pregnancy. I’m finally in my third trimester and feeling fantastic. I will not be creating lots of post related pregnancy. But I will share more on my pregnancy and trimester update in coming post.

Again, I wish I could have shared this pregnancy announcement earlier. Thank you for always being there for me. it is an incredible blessing to have such a supportive online community.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. congratulations mahi

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