THe US Capital

Lined Circle

The U.S. capital, Washington DC is known for it's historical monuments and free museums. You really get a vibe of being in the Capital when you are in DC. So why is it special?   

United States  Capitol

Washington DC is special because of historical background and marvelous architectures. There are so many places you must visit. Here are some that I was able cover lol

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Right at the center and between the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial, It feels like every building in that park is well planned

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

If you are visiting DC, you don't want to miss this US national memorial because of it's grand and marvelous architecture. 

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Even if you are not doing white house tour, I would still recommend you visit that area just like I did.  lol. It is historic place. 

White House

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If you want to  see the best independece day celebration in United States of America then you should  plan your trip to Washiongton DC in July. It's just amazing

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I have seen Independence day firework in at least 10 cities but I must tell you 4th july firework in DC was out of the world. 

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It's impossible to cover all the beautiful places in one story. so if you plan, reserve enough time