Sweet Tooth Hotel

Sweet Tooth Hotel is not a real hotel or a candy shop. It's brilliant piece of art work. An art Art museum in Allen, Texas

Green Leaf Shape

My favorite room in the museum was Sucre Fleuf. An imaginary bakery in the middle of a secret garden. 

In Sucre Fleuf you will see crochet designs of colorful, food-themed accessories like cupcake scarves, hamburger mitts, and slushee cup purses

In A Beautiful Place,  A celebration of color and flowers, with the intention of creating joy and elation for all who visit

So Cozy, combines illustration, sculpture and hand tufting to create the hidden world of a cat. Kids love this place a lot

Vice Video is an abandoned VHS rental store that's recently come back to life. It's beautiful place to click pictures

I loved this room because it's so hard to see these many soft toys at one place. For kids it's like kingdom of toys.

That's entry room of the museum and it's beautiful. Overall you are going to enjoy this place and It's worth of your time. It's in Allen, Tx

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