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Small Town Of Oklahoma


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Bartlesville, OK

Bartlesville, a small town of Oklahoma. It's such a beautiful city with perfect pleasant weather and all necessary amenities.

Things I liked about Bartlesville

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Best thing about this town is that you get lot of quality time to spend with your family and spend less time on road because it's small city

Quality Time

Beautiful Weather

Beauty of this place is that your get to experience all the weathers without having anything extreme and that makes this place perfect in terms of living conditions.

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Because there are very limited number of employers in the city, you may find the downtown quite small compared to any other cities but it's beautiful


How can you get there ?

Major city and airport closest to Bartlesville is Tulsa, which is almost 40 miles from there. You will have to drive from Tulsa to Bartlesville.

Things To Do

Being a small city there are not much to do in Bartlesville. But if you like nature then of course there many place where you can spend good time.

Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

Price Tower Arts Center

Phillips Petroleum Company Museum

Frank Phillips Home

Copan Lake

Jo Allyn Lowe Park

Sooner Park

Osage Hills State Park

Only drawback I saw was less employers so not many job opportunities here. Otherwise I loved this place over all and spend more than 4 years. 

Thank you for your love on my other stories

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