Finding a good outdoor photoshoot location in Dallas, Tx is very difficult. Here are top 5 locations you must checkout.

Outdoor Photoshoot In Dallas

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Dallas Downtown

You may get some amazing locations in Dallas downtown. I would recommend you choose weekend for shooting in Downtown. 

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AT&T Discovery District

This is again part of Dallas Downtown and this place is crowded mostly but it's best place to shoot during off hours.

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Dallas heritage village

Recently I went to this place and I must say it's awesome and really great for photography. So many attractive locations at one place.

This is the place you want to be if you like shooting between the nature. It's full of beautiful natural locations.

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Dallas Arboretum

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Mandalay Canal Walk  at Las Colinas

My personal favorite because I used to live very close to this location and I don't know how many shoots I did here.

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Adriatica Village, McKinney 

Very popular location in Mckinney area and you will see lot of photographers here. Adriatica Village is a beautiful European-style village located in McKinney

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Bishop Arts District

Pretty small location but you may find some really amazing places with colorful design walls.

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I always like sharing the photoshoot locations because I get messages in my inbox and it's helpful for others. 

Which one is your favorite ?