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Wearing a Saree is not a complicated process anymore. One Minute Saree is designed to make it effortless. These are pre-made and pre-stitched sarees.

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How This Works

Pre-Stitched saree is just like a skirt with pleats which is already lined. Hook up your skirt and blouse and you are ready.

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Traditional Sarees

They have an amazing collection of traditional sarees. Fully customized by your waist and height. You can also choose the length of Saree.

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Wedding Sarees

From white saree for wedding, golden wedding saree to yellow saree for wedding or the evergreen bengali wedding saree, they got you covered.

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Bridesmaid Sarees

Your best friend is about to get married and you are going to be a special part of her wedding. Shop a readymade bridesmaid saree to make it memorable.

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Party Wear Sarees

Try out a dazzling party wear saree that goes well for a mixed occasion of the evening. All you need is a beautiful sequin saree in your closet to rock the party.

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Casual Sarees

Modern sarees come with a twist of ethnic designs and contemporary style. Design techniques has facilitated the stylish purpose of saree

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Formal Sarees

Drape an easy to wear saree from to make your work life in sync with your inner beauty. Shop the best of formal sari online.

Tilted Brush Stroke curates classic sarees, simple sarees, plain saree and so much more just for you so that you dazzle any event or occasion with the beauty of sarees.

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