a party city

If you are talking about a party city and beaches, there is only one place Miami, Florida


Miami is one of the best vacation place and that's why Miami Airport is always busy and has really amazing connectivity across United States

When I say it's party city that means it has one of the best night life. This city is famous for food and drinks. Specially in  South beach area, you can enjoy all the delicious food.

I have seen one of the cleanest beaches only in Miami. Probably because they are well maintained and have lot of visitor.

All the beach lovers including me mostly prefer Miami because there are lot of things to do other than spending whole day on the beach.

Beautiful parks close to all the  famous beaches where you can go for walk and enjoy the fresh air.

Best design district

I have seen design district in so many cities but there is nothing like Miami  design district

If you like photographs, I bet you can't ignore Wynwood

outdoor activities

Enjoy the nature with outdoor activities like riding cycle or go for variety of water sports.

Indoor activities

This picture is from Museum of illusions Lincoln road. It was so much fun with family.

In short, if you want full relaxation on your vacation then Miami is your destination. I have been there 4 times and you never know what will happen next summer.