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Life with toddler is not so easy if you don't learn and follow some good practices. Last 2, 3 years were full of learnings for myself. I am sharing some of them with you all. 




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Early Morning Start

If you are an early morning person, that's good. If not then you will have to adjust yourself with the kid to make sure whole morning goes smoothly.

Playful Approach

Playful parenting is very important if you want to keep kids engaged. You can clearly see the interest level of kids if you follow playful approach.

Probably most challenging task for parents now days. You can try combining kid's screen time with yours, like talking to family on video call etc.

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Screen Time

That's the story of everyday. We spend lot of time every evening on for the clean up work. Involve your kid while you are doing to cleanup work.

Never Ending Mess

Working Together

Try engaging the kid in learning activities whenever you are working so that they won't make a mess while you are busy.

Outdoor Activity

Spend some time outdoor, of course you want to avoid crowded place now days. But kids love spending time in outdoor activities and having fun.

Partner In Crime

Kids are best in copying others that's how they learn. So, if they are taking interest in your work, tell them why it's important and why are you doing that.

Bed Time Chit Chat

When kids are fully tired and feel sleepy. That's the time you want to utilize for all the chit chat about the whole day.

Life outside house

Last but not least, you need to tech your kid how everything works outside house, knowing the fact that they haven't seen much exposure to outside world

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