Keeping Kids Away from gadgets

This is a concern of every parent. Here are some tricks to keep your child away from tablets and smartphones.

Most important thing that you should keep in mind is that it takes no time to become an addiction once you start giving smartphone to your children.

Encouraging kids for outdoor activity is best way to keep them away from gadgets. Go for walk, visit park, go for slides and swing.

Outdoor Activity

Creative activities are good for distraction as well as kid's mental health improvement. It is essential part of kid’s healthier growth

Creative Work

You should encourage kid's not to use phone during family time. Parents also need to follow the same because kids are going to follow what parents are doing.

Family Time

Attending fun events with kids keeps them social and engaged. Kids learn more from each other. They also need change in their daily routine.

Fun Events

To develop communication skills and get more knowledge it's important to spend quality time with kids

Spend Quality Time

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