How Covid Changed Parenting

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Parent's life has changed a lot in last couple of years. due to Covid-19 situation. Checkout how Covid changed parenting overall.

Covid time has taught us so many important lessons of life. With day cares closed and babysitters unable to work, parents learned how important and tough it is to manage kids.




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Although for working parents, managing work life balance was though but they were able to spend some quality time with their kids which is always good for long term bonding.

Quality Time

We have seen parents coming with innovative ideas of indoor activities to keep their kids engaged. Parent's Involvement in kid's life has increased.

Indoor Activities

Screen time has increased which is not good but parents were able to minimize that by combining kid's screen time with their own, like talking to family on video call etc.

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Screen Time

If you will not teach your kids how to do their daily chores then you will end up having complete mess in your house. Parents learned involving their kids while doing the cleanup

Daily Chores

Giving some home work like solving puzzle, drawing or other work based on kid's interest while you are working. This will make sure kids are engaged and not making mess.

Working Together

Parents started engaging in kid's outdoor activities because they didn't have other company during covid which is good for both kid and parents.

Outdoor Activity

We started having more family time, more family dinners, chitchats. Overall, families came closer during pandemic. We learned about the importance of relationships

More Family Time

Kid's started asking more questions that they used to ask their teacher. Which forced parents to get that knowledge and do the home schooling.

More Knowledge

Overall, pandemic was tough time but it gave us so many important lessons of life that we will never forget. If you are interested in kid's fashion. Swipe up to checkout this story.