Custom Shoe Rack

If you are looking for a custom shoe rack but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on it. Here are the details how you can make it without spending a lot.

What You Need

What you need is Billy bookcase from IKEA. You have at least 3 color options available in that bookcase. 



13 Step Assembly

It is estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world and there is a reason why it's so popular.

Although it's 13 step assembly but it's very easy and super quick. You can easily assemble 1 bookcase in just 20 to 30 minture.

Tools Needed

You just need a screw driver and a hammer, that's it. Only 2 tools are required for the entire assembly.

Price - $89.99

As I mentioned before, price is very reasonable. Just $89.99 for a bigger bookcase. You can also get extra shelf also in just $10. 

Add as many as you need, these racks will change the entire look of your closet and you don't need to pay too much for that. 

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