Curling Hair  Like A Pro

Curling hair is not a difficult job if you follow these simple steps.

Wash And Dry

You always want to make sure that you wash and dry your hair before you start curl to avoid any damage to your hair.

Comb your hair gently which will help you make perfect stripes that you will wrap around the iron.

Comb Your Hair

Instead of doing all together, just target in batches. I usuall split half and half and then start with one side. Easy and less messy.

Target in batches

I have seen many incidents where ladies suffered injuries due to burn from Iron. So you need to be really careful. Also place the iron on wood to avoid damage to surface too

Careful with Iron

Time that you want to keep your hair wraped with Iron, you will get better at that as you keep practicing it more.  Enjoy your new look


Hair styling is an art. You will become a pro as you keep doing it more. 

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