Being Woman

Happy International Women's Day

- Quote from Madonna

The essence of femininity is to absolutely love being a woman.

Phases Of Life

It's hard to believe the number of phases a woman has to go through with expectations to do well everyday.

A Daughter

Daughters are a blessing and angles of the family. Every moment you spend with your daughter is precious.

A Sister

A sister is worth a thousand friends, its a relationship that teaches you importance of bonding which remains lifetime.

A Life Partner

You are alive when you are in love and your life becomes even more beautiful when you have a loving life partner.

A Mother

God can't be everywhere so he created mothers - the creator of life on the earth. All scarifies a mother make can't be matched  

On the occasion of women's day I would like say - Hats off to all the ladies, you are true definition of unconditional love, and pure soul.

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