Ready for NYE

Ready for NYE

Hello guys, hope you all are having an awesome last month of this year. My last few weeks were quite busy because so many things are going on in parallel. I did some holiday shopping, working on some new assignments, making New Year plans etc. With 2017 just days away, I am feeling more festive than ever. Keeping that in mind, I created this “Ready for NYE” look especially for New Year eve.

So let’s talk about this look! There is always something unique about a sequin maxi slit dress. We all have at least one in our wardrobes, bought for some fancy event, generally around Christmas or New Year’s Eve time. This time I created very unique look which I have never tried before. A sequin golden dress with black PU leather jacket, sounds interesting! I think this sequin shift dress from is perfect for New Year’s Eve. The shape is a simple shift and it could easily be worn by itself or with some killer heels. has such a fabulous collection of clothing and accessories that every girl should try.

I was more than happy to receive this faux black leather jacket from I am in love with this leather jacket, brilliant quality and design. If you talk about detailing, this jacket has turn down collar with spikes and silver embroidery on collars. This look turned out to be such a great idea especially with leather jacket. It’s like balancing the sparkle and shine of sequin dress with leather jacket. You can easily create a stunning sensation with sequin dress and your friends will be thrilled to see to like this during NYE. So what are you waiting for? Shimmer up with the trendiest gold sequin dresses and leather jackets.

If you like this post, please give us your feedback in comment section. I will come back with more style rides next year in 2017, till then stay stylish



Ready For NYE 1

Ready For NYE 2

Ready For NYE 3

Ready For NYE 4

Ready For NYE 5

Ready For NYE 6

Ready For NYE 7

Ready For NYE 8

I was wearing: Sequin Maxi Slit Dress, PU Leather jacket



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