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Recently I found a massive range of sportswear on VIPshop So, this post is all about that. Actually, it’s very hard to find beautiful and affordable sportswear which are stylish and comfortable at same time. To be honest I would love to feature anything from VIPshop at the moment but this sportswear range caught my attention. Summer is almost over and mornings are becoming cold, so you need to be careful while buying new sportswear. For the same reasons, I created this combo of sports jacket and pant, perfect for early days of fall. I think this is the right time to shop sportswear because you may get really good discount as well. Also, I felt very good because I got those items in less than half price.   

There is a path finder nearby home so, last weekend I clicked those pictures below when I went for trekking. I am treating myself with 2 items from sportswear collection, one is light blue pant and other is watermelon color jacket. This VIPshop outfit is the one I wear most often now when I go for tracking or walk. Jacket has plan zipper high neck with long sleeves which is perfect for wintry morning. Stuff quality is really good, stretchy and breathable, so it doesn’t show sweatiness after an intense workout.  

Looking at those pictures I can say that this bold color combination is stylish and flattering. I find a lot of sportswear looks the same so I was looking for something different. The true test, of course was to actually wear them because fitness of sportswear cloths matter. Jacket is a bit loose and it doesn’t stick to the skin which is good thing. Pant stays perfectly in place while running. Quality is key here, the fabrics are fantastic and long wearing. As for as value is concern, as I said, they are a little bit pricier than my normal sportswear but I felt, they are totally worth it. I will definitely be investing some more into those and take the advantage of sale as well.  

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Let me know if you have any stylish sportswear to recommend from VIPshop 

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I was Wearing: Jacket: VIPshop | Pant: VIPshop | Shoes: Adidas | Accessories: Tracker: Garmin HR | Water Bottel: Kohls Lips: Mac

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  1. Vandana says:

    VIPshop sports wear r looking awesome Mahi. I want to order now.

  2. Lovely colors ! You look absolutely amazing !
    Have a great start to your week !

  3. nmfranco says:

    Love this color combo! You look so cute and comfortable!

    xx Nicole

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