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Happy New Year Friends, here are my latest pregnancy updates

I am in THIRST TRIMESTER and I am really excited to share with you that by god’s grace, so far my pregnancy has been very healthy. June 21, 2018 is the date I will never forget because that day we got to know that we are expecting. Amit and I were planning baby for last couple of months so I decided to take a pregnancy test before month was complete. In third week, I saw something that I was hoping for, that little blue plus sign. I thought, “OMG! I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!” I was 3 weeks pregnant and suddenly felt SO excited, nervous. Nothing can really prepare you for pregnancy and all of the feelings that come with it. Well, we already planned a trip to DC for 10 days so we couldn’t cancel that. But that was really good news to share with my sister.

First Trimester– I was nauseous in my first trimester but as soon as I entered in my second trimester, I suddenly had a ton of energy again and the nausea disappeared! I felt a lot of morning sickness in my first trimester. I got hit with exhaustion. As we were planning for a baby, I already started taking a prenatal pill couple of months earlier. After morning sickness, I also looked into my diet/routine to see what things I needed to add or avoid for the duration of this pregnancy. Smells haven’t bothered me at all. Best tip I found is when you roll over in the morning eat something asap!! Keep all kinds of snacks beside your bed. This will save you! keep snacking throughout the day.

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Second Trimester- You have a baby inside you, SUCH A BLESSING!! Enjoy the fluttery kicks and hiccups because It’s the closest you will ever be to your child. During the second trimester your baby starts growing at rapids speeds, and so does your belly. You could buy a dress that fits great and 4 days later you can’t zip it up (yes, this happened to me!) Shopping becomes VERY HARD. I learned stretch marks are inevitable so don’t drown yourself in cocoa butter. I learned it’s okay to eat the cake and ice cream if you’re craving it. Most importantly, don’t compare yourself and your pregnancy to anyone else’s. Just like that sweet bundle of joy growing inside you. Between weeks 26-28 your doctor will have you take a glucose test to see if you have diabetes. If you have it you will just need to go on a diet recommended by your OB until you give birth. I was worried because I already gained 10 pounds in a month of my second trimester But I took my test on 26 week and got the call later that I passed it.

Third trimester- I am in my third trimester now and 32 weeks pregnant. You just experience so much during this time. Not only physically but emotionally. You think the prenatal would help with hair growth immediately but till second trimester nothing happened. The growth and shine apparently starts coming in my third trimester. There are ups and downs of every pregnancy. I always believed that the first trimester in pregnancy was the hardest but the last trimester was definitely the hardest for me! So many things! Being a first-time preggo. Being pregnant actually challenged me to continue life as I normally would. My sister told me I can write a book about all the things I’ve learned about pregnancy, all the changes it brings to the body. lol! It’s been an incredible journey seeing what the female body can do.

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I was wearing: Dress: Here | Heel: Here | Accessories: Earrings: Here | Lips: Neiman Marcus

For once, I’m really glad that this pregnancy forced me to say No a lot of work opportunities I had to decline. I’m okay not doing it all and enjoying time at home. One of the biggest regrets wishing I took more photos of my bump, I will say this pregnancy has allowed me to look back on pre-pregnancy photos of myself and think YOU WERE SO FIT.” When I started this pregnancy out at 112 pounds 5’5” height. Now I am 144 ponds and my body and baby needed it. But after this baby arrives, I’ll try to get back in shape.

Hope you enjoyed the post, will come back with more pregnancy updates! If you are looking for maternity dress, then take a look at this post.

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