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Hey guys, hope you are having a great weekend. You probably might have noticed that from last couple of weeks I am sharing my favorite piece of clothing or trends on Saturdays.  My focus is to show you guys latest fashion trends and where to shop for those trends. Today I am going to talk about more ruffles. I always love ruffles and I’m glad that it’s one of the 2017 fashion trends.

Ruffles are something that can make you shine if you wear it in right way. You should be really careful while carrying ruffles because sometimes they need more attention. I am sharing few ruffle pieces that I loved this season from

Striped top looks so classy with touch of ruffle, I shared on no 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12. Floral top on no 2 is my favorite and I have styled this top in one of my blog post, you can check here. Click on the numbers below picture to check more details.

Let me know which peace from is your favorite in comment section.

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  1. nice collection of ruffles. best summer look.

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