Decorating For The Holidays – 6 Helpful Tips

The countdown is on: the holidays are rapidly approaching and a lot of us are starting to decorate well in advance. I see all of you on Instagram decking the halls already! For a lot of us, it brings joy just seeing the festive decorations around the house and I do not blame you one bit. I am all for bringing individual style into the home and doing what brings you joy. If that is decorating early, I am on-board! So, while you are browsing the aisles of Home Goods and Target every single day to find what you need, I’m here to give you helpful tips when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I hope these helps!

Take Inventory Of What You Have

First of all, take inventory of what you have BEFORE you shop. This way, you can save money and you will be able to spend more on food or gifts or whatever else is important to you. Make your dreaded trip up to your attic, or in the back of your closets, and find all of your decor. You might want to bring out all of your decor that you will need through the end of the year to make it a “one trip and done” deal. The earlier you get it done, the better, because it will save you time in the long run and lots of stress that comes with dreading the getting it done part.

Shop For What You Need

Once you pull everything out of your closets and attic and take inventory of what you already have and can use in your home, it’s time to shop for what you need – only once (hopefully). If you are concerned about getting out and about, use Amazon, or another online platform! Target, Home Goods, and TJMaxx always have great options, though, or even a discount store such as Walmart and Big Lots. Want to do your grocery shopping while you’re at it? Head to Sams Club or Costco. One and done!

Move Things Around To Create Room

Now that you have everything you need in order to make your home a magical holiday dream land, you’ll need to make room for all of your decorations + your guests. If you need to move large furniture items around, call in the pros to help: Our Truck Moving can help you with that! They are movers in Mesquite and offer services such as residential moving, commercial moving, labor only, packing services, piano moving, apartment moving, and more. You can see their starting service areas below.

Homeowners and businesses trust Our Truck Moving to offer a full menu of services designed to cater to their every need. As you can see, their starting service area covers the entire Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex area, and expands beyond that, as well. They will cover the bases when it comes to the heavy lifting. Decorating for the holidays is NOT an easy job, so let them take the stress off your plate if you need to move around items that are heavy, or awkward to lift.

More Is Not Necessarily Better

The holidays can be about extravagance, but if you overwhelm your home with too much decor it can compete for attention and distract you from some really beautiful and special pieces.

You Don’t Have To Spend A Lot

Inexpensive ornaments from a discount store can look elegant and festive when grouped together. For instance, decorate a mantel with various sizes of clear or colored glass containers filled with similar colored glass ornaments for a stunning holiday display.

Have Fun!

Okay, take a deep breath now – you are ready to celebrate! Like most of us, I tend to stop breathing when I’m feeling stressed. I am always reminding myself that this time of year is really about getting to see the people I love, having a great time together and counting our blessings. Take a deep breath and enjoy. We need a stress-free holiday more than ever now!

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