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Hello Friends !!

Boyfriend fit jeans looks great on many body types because the fit is relaxed and casual. Loose tailored clothing is a huge trend and to make it sound cooler, we call it Boyfriend Fit. When I saw this boyfriend fit jeans in gap store, I decided to try it. I always like to wear skin fit jeans but this time I tried something diff as I wanted to come out of my comfort zone. I loved it. It’s just a type of jeans that are loose, casual and I must say very comfortable.

Recently I went to Eureka spring, a beautiful city in Carroll County, Arkansas, United States. I really liked this naturally rich place. I decided to wear boyfriend fit in eureka spring, I paired it with half sleeves top from United color of Benton, and for casual look I added blazer. I wore matching shoes for comfort because we went to Eureka spring only for one day so we decided to walk around whole day. I added some accessories like hand cuff ring earring, watch and sunglasses, for making look more comfy but the same time cool and stylish isn’t it?

Will come back with more stylish looks, till then stay stylish.



 I Wore:  Boyfriend jeans– Gap | Top– UNITED COLOR OF BENTON | Blazer– Old | Sunglasses– Cato | Shoes– Avia | Accessories – forever 21

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  1. Prashant Maheshwari says:

    All the pics are stunning.. well done good job….very tempting locations as well…keep it up.You have a great future ahead in modeling.

  2. Amit says:

    Good one

  3. Vandana says:

    AWESOME. I think your boyfriend to have gone crazy to see you in this attractI’ve attire. GOOD luck…

  4. Rubika thakur says:

    Awesome pictures..your style and attitude is superb.attire is really good..suits you a lot .keep of luck:)

  5. SANDHYA says:

    looking beautiful Madam!

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