Halloween Outfit

Halloween Outfit

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All of the holidays are approaching way too fast BOO!!! Halloween is in next month. I hope I’ll be in USA to celebrate Halloween. Whether you’re heading out to the nearest party or having a dress competition within your friend’s circle. It’s a way to have fun experimenting with your look and for one day only, you can look as ridiculous as you want without a care. I really need to start doing more searching because I am planning to have fun on Halloween this year. I decided to pick some “Halloween” inspired items from Rosegal.com and from Twinkledeals.com that would be great to have for fall season in general.

I’ve picked up things which I’ve seen online and I really want. How cute is this ghost Tee on no 6? It’s perfect if you plan to spend your Halloween on bed watching classic spooky films. Jeans on no. 10 looks really good and go well with blouse on no 9. I would have fun playing around with dresses on no 1, 4 and 7. I selected outfit no 12 for the vampires look because Halloween makes my obsession with vampires even worse. Until the Vampire Diaries starts again. I suppose, this year the dark, gothic trend is already in full swing so dressing to a devilish standard can be done just by hitting the high street and hunting down the inspired pieces like no 8.

I hope this post gives you a little bit of Halloween inspiration too! You never know, you might find something on my list that you love.
Hope you enjoyed the post!

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