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Halloween Outfit

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All of the holidays are approaching way too fast BOO!!! Halloween is in next month. I hope I’ll be in USA to celebrate Halloween. Whether you’re heading out to the nearest party or having a dress competition within your friend’s circle. It’s a way to have fun experimenting with your look and for one day only, you can look as ridiculous as you want without a care. I really need to start doing more searching because I am planning to have fun on Halloween this year. I decided to pick some “Halloween” inspired items from and from that would be great to have for fall season in general.

I’ve picked up things which I’ve seen online and I really want. How cute is this ghost Tee on no 6? It’s perfect if you plan to spend your Halloween on bed watching classic spooky films. Jeans on no. 10 looks really good and go well with blouse on no 9. I would have fun playing around with dresses on no 1, 4 and 7. I selected outfit no 12 for the vampires look because Halloween makes my obsession with vampires even worse. Until the Vampire Diaries starts again. I suppose, this year the dark, gothic trend is already in full swing so dressing to a devilish standard can be done just by hitting the high street and hunting down the inspired pieces like no 8.

I hope this post gives you a little bit of Halloween inspiration too! You never know, you might find something on my list that you love.
Hope you enjoyed the post!

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Bandage Dresses

Far last few weeks I am not sharing any outfit ideas due to busy schedule. Today I got some time for writing so, I am writing about Bandage dresses. These dresses have become very popular in the past couple of years. A bandage dress is a tight-fitting dress made of a stretchy fabric that makes the body look like it has been wrapped around in layers. Of course, these dresses are more suitable to girls with good figure but even if you don’t have nice fig, you can choose right pattern and print for you. Sometimes a print of dress can hide your fig. It’s great when these dresses come around to help us feel sexy and confident in showing off the figure. You can get bandage dress for any occasion; most popular dresses are usually modern evening or dinner dresses and v neck bandage dress looks great for evening parties.  

Here are few types of dresses that you would be interested in –

Tank bandage dress cocktail dress- Little black dress is such a great invention! Nothing complicated from first sight, and I didn’t see someone who looked not gorgeous in this item. You can’t fully understand the beauty of bandage dress till you try it yourself.  

V Neck Spaghetti Strap Tassel- Thanks to the silky and smooth fabric of the body and skirt. For a touch of even more glamour I have chosen this dress in red color. 

V-Neck Bandage Mini Dress- How to pull together a perfect holiday look Plus, how can you go wrong with this dress? See more photos and direct link to purchase the dress.

Black sheer mesh Dress- Sending thousands of compliments to creators of this dress. Perfect for the club.

High Neck Bustier Long Sleeve Red Bandage Dress- These dresses are perfect for the woman who wants to look curvier or who wants to accentuate her figure. It reduces the visibility of the belly and unwanted fat.

I hope these bandage dresses feature inspires you to find the perfect outfit for that upcoming party!

Have an amazing day and lovely evening! 

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