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Memorial Day Favorites

It’s long weekend again and this time because of Memorial Day. This weekend I couldn’t be more excited! because I am planning to go New York for a week, after long weekend and I am super excited for an amazing new experience and many memories. I am going to visit my sister and I am eager to meet her after a long time.

Every year when Memorial Day rolls around, it means officially kick off summer. You might have seen so many stores announced Memorial Day sale and its wonderful time to shop for summer. I wanted to pop in and let you know about all the amazing sales going on right now on Not only there are great deals, but there are so many pieces in my closet that you’ve seen me wearing are on major sale.

As for as outfits are concern, I always try to keep it casual while still managing a chic vibe. I love all these outfits because they’re cool, festive and comfortable. Also, they’re all under one hundred bucks! So, no need to splurge on your looks, instead focus on the food and all the fun you’ll be having! If you are beach lover then they have cute bikinis on sale for you as well.

So, here are some of my favorites that I’m loving lately! Also, Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale started today through June 4th. Click here to start shopping the sale!

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Memorial Day Favorites

Memorial Day Favorites

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Reasons why you should shop from Zaful

Do you like shopping online? Shopping online is fast, economical, and incredibly convenient. The best part is that a savvy online shopper can save both time and money but there is a risk associated with that. That risk is – you can’t trust a brand until unless you haven’t tried that before. Also, most of time people worry about fit because t-shirt sizing may vary based on brands and country. So today I am going to talk about ( an online store which has become my favorite. I can say this very confidently that I can trust this brand now after many purchases and many positive experiences.

Journey with Zaful as customer – I came to know about Zaful from one of my best friend and my journey started last year in November during ThanksGiving. They had really awesome deals that time, not only on ThanksGiving almost every special occasion you will get something special on Zaful.

Collaboration Experience – Our collaboration with Zaful has been really fruitful and I believe the only reason is the Zaful representative I am dealing with. She is sweet and nice, very professional and knows her job very well. Obviously, campaign success credit should go to marketing representative.

Reasons why you should shop from Zaful

Z-me community for authentic reviews – There is a community for customer reviews, how cool is that? Well I have seen many websites where user who buys the product can give his/her review but this is very unique. Everybody can give their opinion about product and that actually helps you a lot in final decision. You can checkout actual user images because most of times you feel cheated if the product looks different than the image given on website.

Exclusive discounts on every special occasion – They give major discounts on every famous festival no matter its Chinese or American. So Zaful is with you in every celebration and it helps you to have best time without worrying about growing inflation.

Website Experience – It’s very user friendly website with a simple layout. Product categories are well defined. Searching the desired item is very easy with lots of filters available. There is a very cool filter I found recently, that is “Priority Dispatch” checkbox, that means you can search for items which will dispatch within 3 business days, wow.

Wide range of quality products – This is one of the main reasons why you should shop from Zaful. You always want a wide range of quality products so that you can get multiple options to choose from and selection will be easy. You don’t need to go to multiple stores for various items.

Overall my experience with Zaful has been great that’s why I will definitely recommend you shop from there. I hope this post will be helpful for you guys. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I have added some of my favorite items below which you can shop directly from here.

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