Quirky Print

There is a huge trend of Quirky prints now days and specially because it’s summer season. Quirky prints are outstanding enough to add some style to your personality and make it look cool. Outfits with that print make the eyes stop and stare and force people to even smile and ...
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Blue Dress with Blue Converse

Finally, I got chance to wear this dress which I picked up last month on sale. I was going to save that for a special occasion but what's the point in having nice things if they just gather dust in the wardrobe? So, I decided to wear this dress last ...
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Backless Cami Dress

Now that summer is finally here in full swing (woohoo!), I have decided to post some great summer outfits. So, you will see a lot of unique outfits in coming days. This midweek outfit post is as simple as it can be because it's effortless to wear dresses like this ...
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Evergreen outfit

If you love fashion then it’s really difficult to stick to one style forever. You always want to adapt the latest trend in the market. I love experimenting with my outfits and creating unique look that goes well with my personality. I have discussed this topic many times in my ...
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